USB Car Two-Headed Fan

$48.99 $69.99

A doubled-headed fan doubles the cooling effect

Ergonomic design, convenient, easy to control, and hands-free


✔ Spring-mounted: The fan with spring can be installed according to the distance between headrest poles and can face forward or backward.

✔ Two Wind Speeds: Various wind speeds are under your control.

✔ USB-Powered: It's easy to use the fan by connecting it to a USB port.

✔ 1.5m Power Cord: The cable is long enough for connecting to a charging port in any car.

✔ 370mm Flexible Hose: The flexible hose can be adjusted to any angles as you like.

Baseus Car Air Conditioner 12V Fan Portable Air Cooling USB Fan 360 Degree  Rotation for Auto

Help to remove the stuffiness in the car and ensure you sit in comfort with cool.



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