Magic Plasma Ball

$29.99 $59.99

Create a fantastic decorative atmosphere with this magic plasma ball sphere lighting lamp

It is a magical lamp that creates a fabulous light show and features a switch button with sound control.

You can control the light with your fingers, just touch the sphere, and inner lightning rays will follow your fingers. This is a perfect decorative gadget for any environment.


⚡Spark the ambiance- Transform your room into a crazy science lab where anything can happen! Electronic sets the wackiest mood!

⚡Pulse with power- Put your fingers on the sphere to interact with the lightning inside. Electronim’s power is at your fingertips!


⚡From outer space- Surprise your guests with a lamp so alien even NASA will be fouled! Don’t get surprised if the aliens make a visit!

⚡It is the ultimate choice- We don’t know if it’s science or magic but this sparkling ball is the coolest prop you’ll ever touch!

The craziest science prop ever


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