Lockdown Car Care Tips

Health of the battery

If you leave your car idle too long, the battery may lose capacity and the vehicle just turns over when you go to start it. At least once a week, turn on the AC, lights, and other ancillary components so that the vehicle idles for 10-15 minutes. This would allow the alternator to recharge the battery. If you cannot do that, bring out the spanners and disconnect them if your vehicle has been left idle for a long time. This might save you the trouble of having to jump-start it in an emergency.

Tires with flat spots

You should check your tyre pressure frequently because the air in your tyres does escape - even without a puncture. Meanwhile, you should not let your car sit still for an extended period of time, since this would result in a flat spot. Inflating them doesn't fix flat spots automatically, leading to vibrations while driving or the need for their replacement. If possible, drive for a short distance and then park it back. Or, try to safely move the car back and forth 5-10 metres once.

Keep it in gear.

If you park your car and apply the handbrake, it is best to leave it in that state if you have a manual transmission, but if you have an automatic transmission, it is best to put it in Park while engaging the handbrake to avoid overloading the Park mode system.